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The touch technology revolution is here! We have designed a set of apps to get your student interested in learning! The entire basis of of our app and core philosophy is that when scientifically proven clinical method meets touch devices there is an instant increase in interest shown by students. The children of tomorrow have access to methods that increase their desire to learn through their own natural playful minds and mixed with the DTT process can yield amazing results.

We have built our app design on over 40 years of Dr. Brown's psychological therapist experience in a clinical setting. This experience and setting has shown that Discrete Trial Training is the best way for a child learn a skill. These results have been repeatedly proven via double blind scientific testing as one of the best ways to ensure proper learning that your child will hold onto and move forward with. This Discrete Trial Training enables the student to build upon a skill set over time by increasing set variables such as the number of choices, inter interval time, and correct / incorrect choice selections. There a dozens of ways to customize the DTT experience to help your student grow!

The result for a child using these apps is the joy of learning coupled with the excitement of technology. These apps apply DTT in the form of needed skills to navigate the world such as : Colors, Shapes, Letters, Numbers, Words, People, Animals, and Dyslexia deck options for Numbers and Letters!